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Products of alder and others

No Products Dimensions
111 butter knife (alder) 170x35x6
112 butter knife (alder) 170x35x6
116 butter knife with a handle (alder) 205x33x18
117 butter knife with juniper handle (alder) 230x50x17
121 sauce ladle (alder) 180x70x35
122 porridge ladle (alder) 245x70x35
123 porridge ladle big (alder) 310x80x40
124 gl?gg ladle (alder) 260x60x50
133 meat fork (alder) 270x45x6
135 travel set (alder) 245x35x6
141 pan set (alder) 280x52x6
142 salad set (alder) 270x60x6
145 fork set (alder) 200x55x6
150 pan shovel (alder) 310x65x9
151 cake slice (alder) 280x60x6
152 whisk (alder) 280x55x6
153 pan shovel convex (alder) 270x45x6
154 tweezers small (alder) 240x40x55
155 porridge shovel (alder) 225x60x6
156 tweezers small (alder) 240x40x55
157 pan shovel (alder) 290x55x6
158 pan shovel big (alder) 310x70x6
159 tweezers big (alder) 340x65x50
160 spoon set (alder) 265x50x15
161 degustation spoon (alder) 245x35x6
162 spoon big (alder) 240x70x45
163 mixing spoon small (alder) 265x50x15
164 mixing spoon big (alder) 310x60x15
165 mixing spoon (alder) 265x50x15
166 serving spoon (alder) 280x55x15
167 coffee scoop (alder) 145x35x10
168 spoon big (alder) 310x60x15
169 dessert spoon (alder) 190x40x22
172 door knocker 325x55x165
173 wine stand 290x60x15
177 cake spoon (alder) 240x70x6
189 mug big (birch) 145x90x65
190 mug big (birch) 130x80x60
191 mug small (birch) 95x55x40
192 cutting board with a rope 240x150x16 alder 235x145x17
193 mug mini (alder) 95x50x35
194 mug mini (alder) 125x50x40
195 mug big (alder) 150x85x60
196 mug big (alder) 160x80x65
197 cutting board 500x160x18
198 cutting board 360x210x18
199 cutting board 330x220x14
202 cutting board 440x200x15 (alder) 440x200x15
203 cutting board 440x200x15 (alder) 440x200x15
204 oval fish board 600x150x15 (alder) 600x150x15
205 cake board 400x300x24 (alder) 400x300x24
207 cutting board 330x150x15 (alder) 330x150x15
208 cheese board 240x150 (alder) 240x150
209 cheese board 280x150 (alder) 280x150
211 rack for spice bottles 1x6 (alder) 360x50x90
212 rack for spice bottles 2x6 (alder) 360x50x225
213 rack for spice bottles 3x6 (alder) 360x50x360
214 cutting board oval 420x135 (alder) 420x135
215 cutting board oval 340x120 (alder) 340x120
218 cutting board 600x240x24 (alder) 600x240x24
219 pizza plate (alder) 300
223 cutting board 210x140x18 (alder) 210x140x18
250 bottle opener 145x25x15
325 sauna ladle (tarred,birch) 360x85x50
501 mug (alder) 145x85x55
502 mug (alder) 125x65x55
503 mug small (birch) 115x55x40
504 mug small (alder) 95x50x35
520 bowl (bird-shatet, alder) 300x67x100